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We're back!

We're back!

I know it has been a while since I posted any news on this website. Unfortunately, an innovation such as a new website often brings with it unexpected consequences. The launch of the new website went surprisingly well. There were a few teething problems, as one would expect, but the most important problem was caused by a mistake on my part which sent orders to the wrong e-mail address for the first month that the website was live. If you had to wait for your order longer than expected, it was probably down to this glitch and the backlog of orders it created. 

The ‘unexpected consequence’ I referred to above was made all too apparent by the mass of orders I had to deal with due to my error. It became clear that I had outgrown my workshops as they were and that I had no more storage for new moulds or figures. I had been aware for some time that this moment was looming and had an idea of a possible solution. However, one does not launch oneself into upheaval of this sort until it becomes impossible to ignore the problem!

So, in the last few months I have completely reorganised my workshops, moved my machines and rewired my casting room. This should give me the work and storage space I need for the foreseeable future. This exercise has been expensive and time consuming but it is now complete and I can give my full attention to the figures once more. I have updated the French section with some of the new march-attack packs and more will follow in the near future. I am currently working on the command packs for this set.

Since the space that housed my office is now a casting room, a side effect of the re-organisation has been that my telephone number and e-mail address have changed. This is particularly important. For the last six weeks my change in contact number and e-mail address has caused some confusion among you.

Please note that the new telephone number is 01582-763061. The e-mail address is now [email protected].

The old e-mail address and telephone number are no longer operational.


I would like to thank my website designer, Chris Bodley, for the sterling job he’s done and continues to do.

Lastly, I would also like to apologise to all of you who may have read the rather intrusive comments on the site advertising Viagra and car insurance. This mistake is also down to me. I had not realised, until my American dealer pointed it out, that one has to monitor the site for comments such as these.  I can honestly say that was not a problem I had expected! *Chris has now taken steps to prevent such frequent abuse of the comment system occuring again*

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