Saxon Painting Guide

Raw Umber is the best suggestion I can give you when it comes to painting white uniforms. I have written several articles in the past on this subject and will not labour the point but I will reassert that it does work! Although I use mostly Vallejo acrylics now, the Raw Umber has to be a good artist’s grade pigment otherwise it will not work – go to an art shop for this one. It works with other light colours as well – yellows, reds, light greens and blues. Take some time to experiment with your paint mixes before you start painting in earnest. I also suggest that you buy some good quality ceramic mixing pallets while you are in the art shop as you can dip these in warm, soapy water and the dry acrylic paint just lifts off the glossy surface with no effort.

Colour codes from the Vallejo range:

·         White 951: for the uniforms; create shades with the raw umber.

·         Grey Blue 943: for the officer’s uniforms; create shades by darkening with raw umber and lightening with white.

·         Dark Grey 994, Neutral Grey 992 and Light Grey 990: provide a ready-made shading palate for the greatcoats and breeches.

·         Black 950: for shako covers and shoes; create highlights by mixing with Beige 917.

·         Red Leather 818: for packs, calfskin shako covers and scabbards; darken with black and create highlights by mixing with beige.

·         Flat Yellow 953: facings; darken with raw umber and lighten with white (other possible facing colours are Intense Blue 925, Flat Red 957, Deep Green 970. I have not used these three facing colours yet so take these as suggestions only).

I have recently been trying out the Andrea Acrylics and can recommend their White (NAC01), Black (NAC02) and Dark Brown Leather and Leather Brown (NAC49 and 50). They have excellent coverage and seem to flow better and clog less than the Vallejo colours.