Latest NewsLatest News - Good and Bad

Latest News - Good and Bad

Latest News - Good and Bad

The bad news - It has been a while since I last updated the website. I know that this seems to be my opening comment on most of my updates but ‘stuff happens’ and unforeseen events seem to conspire to slow things down and interfere with planned updates. My intention had been to update the website and to introduce a number of new packs just before Christmas. Unfortunately, when I tried to order the rubber for the moulds in November ’13 I could not get an answer from my supplier. It turned out that that my supplier for over 18 years (John Townson from Shape Rubber) had died a few weeks before. The company has ceased trading and Shape is no more. This is a major problem for me as each rubber has its own characteristics and properties and my sculpting style and mould making techniques were allied to the properties of the rubber I have used for 18 years.

The result of this contra-temp was that I had to launch myself into two months of rubber trails to find a rubber with similar characteristics to those of Shape rubber. This is a particularly depressing exercise as you end up making dozens of moulds which generally get scrapped as the results are not pleasing. As a result of the trials I have now found a rubber similar to the Shape rubber I am used to. This rubber has marginally more shrinkage (slightly thinner castings) than I was getting with Shape rubber but it is an acceptable replacement. I am still looking at alternatives, but for the moment this rubber will have to do as Shape Rubber is no longer an option.


The good news -  The first bit of good news is that, as a result of my rubber problems, you are getting two releases in one. New codes have been added to the French, Saxons and Prussians. Indeed, the packs
I am releasing now are not the entirety of the new packs I have completed as there are several packs I have not had the time to put into master and production moulds. As a result, I hope to make another release of figures in the near future.

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