Information for painting pack S52.

Regimental headquarters pack.

This pack is made up of two mounted officers and two standing figures. The two mounted officers are the Colonel and Major of the regiment. One wears the grey-blue uniform and a shako and the other wears the white uniform with a bicorn. It does not matter which officer you make the colonel or the major, it is just a matter of painting the epaulettes and shabraque lace according to the rank of the officer you want to depict.

The colonel will have all-gold lace on both epaulettes and shabraque, while the major will have one row of gold lace and another inner one of silver. Epaulettes will be gold with silver boards for the major. Note that this varies according to the button colour of the regiment. In regiments with silver buttons, the colonel’s lace will be all silver and the majors will be silver with an inner gold band and silver epaulettes with gold boards. Also worth noting is the fact that shako hangings and sword knots always appear to be in silver irrespective of the button colour. The shako chin scales match the button colour.

The standing figures show a musketeer guard and a grenadier Feldwebel (regimental sergeant-major). The musketeer can be painted as per normal. The Feldwebel is more involved. Regimental sergeant majors were the link between NCOs and officers. To denote their special rank, they were allowed to wear a sabre (usually of the light cavalry pattern). They are mostly shown with white metal scabbards. Some illustrations show a plate on his sword belt, which was worn over the right shoulder.  They are not shown wearing a cartridge belt. They are sometimes shown carrying a cane. His rank markings are double chevrons in button colour worn on the left sleeve.

Since this Feldwebel is a grenadier he also carries the distinctions of a grenadier. His pom-pon is red with the NCO black top. His plume is tied to the side of the sabre in a waterproof cover, and the turn-backs have the usual grenade patch in button colour.