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Looking forward - This release has given me a chance to review where I want to go with the range- For the next 6 weeks or so I am going to concentrate on the French march-attack figures to try to get this set of figures finished. The flank companies with coats down and foot officers are either complete or almost there. The second regimental command pack is also complete and the battalion command packs are on the sculpting table. I will add a number of other packs to this set to finish it off – a casualty pack, mounted officers in bicorns, and the light infantry command packs for example.

The command packs for the Prussian march-attack packs are also complete but I have decided to standardise pack sizes to four or six figures and these command packs were designed as threes so I have to add an extra figure to these before release. These will be completed as side-lines while I am working on the French march-attack figures.

There are several packs of Saxons ready as well but, as is the case with the Prussians, some of these packs are threes and will need to have an extra figure added. The current Saxon release should have extended to seven packs but one of my rubber trials damaged some of the masters and I am going to have to repair these before I can re-make the master moulds.

Again these will be repaired while I am working on the French.
My current priorities are as follows –
(1) Finish, the French march-attack set.
(2) Finish the Prussian march-attack set.
(3) Finish the Saxon advancing set.
(4) Finish work on the French gunners.
(5) Finish work on the Saxon gunners.
After this I intend to concentrate on the Saxons for a while as they are cluttering up my sculpting table.

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