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Summer Shutdown

Summer Shutdown

I have just sent Chris the last of the Saxon guns to be added to the relevant section of the website. These are the quick firing 4 pdr. used as battalion artillery in Russia and the Gratstuck shell gun used as a howitzer by the horse artillery until 1811.

One piece of bad news is that I have run out of rubber for new moulds and the expected delivery has not turned up as everybody seems to be on holiday at the moment. I knew there was a reason for closing down in August! As a result, I am unable to make any moulds for the French guns at present so these will have to be postponed until I return in September. I have ordered plenty of rubber and this should be in my workshop on my return, so I hope to have the new french guns appearing in the website in early September.

I am now closed for business and will not be able to send out any orders until the first week in September. Have an enjoyable end to the Summer and thank you for your continued interest in my figures.

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