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Moulds for sale –

Something different and very rare, as I have never parted with one of my moulds before -

12 master and trial moulds and 25 production moulds for the original Saxon Musketeers in march-attack poses. The production moulds are still in very good condition and, if used correctly (I can advise), will remain viable and give excellent castings for many years. The master and trial moulds will also give quality castings but should be used judiciously. 

I am selling these as I have replaced the figures in the range. Since the original production (and master) moulds are still viable but are of no use to me, it seems a sin to store or dispose of them. 

Price wise - one of the master moulds was made for me by Griffin moulds, as I was having machine problems at the time. I paid over £60 for it.  Since there are 12 master and 25 production moulds you can get some measure of the price I will expect. Realistic offers only please. Remember that you are paying for the design work as well as the moulds themselves!

See the pictures of the figures that these moulds can produce. Note that the horses are not included in these moulds