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I have had to revise my planned schedule of releases for this year as a result of the re-organisation of my workshops which I have discussed elsewhere. My priorities for the rest of this year are the French in march-attack poses and the continuation of the Saxon range which I mentioned at the launch of the website. The plans for the Saxon releases have also had to be revised. While I was moving things around in my workshops I took the opportunity to gather together all the artillery equipment pieces I have commissioned in the last few years but not released. There are always little bits and pieces of work to be done on the pieces before they were ready for the master moulds. 


Working on equipment is quite different to working on figures. The alterations, particularly getting the wheels right, are time consuming. I find that I have to set aside a period of a month or so and concentrate on nothing other than these pieces to get them right. I have just done this and all the guns for both Saxons and French are complete. I am wading through an extensive mould making session at the moment and getting the guns into production mould. All the French and Saxon guns will be released in the next couple of weeks if I can complete the moulds before closing down for my summer break. The gunners are not complete although they are now a priority and are well on the way to completion on my sculpting table. It will be late September or October before these are released but they are on the way. The limbers and caissons are also complete but these require teams of horses and drivers that I hope to complete towards the end of the year.


I have other sets of Saxons on the go and hope to have several of these completed before the end of the year. I have not had time to put the Prussians in march-attack poses into production moulds yet but will do so as soon as I get a chance. 

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