Lutzow Battalions


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Lutzow Battalions for sale –

Two Lutzow battalions painted by Tony Runkee; another of the great massed formation painters. Tony was one of the painters for Ian Smith’s Peninsular War game in 40mm that won the best show game at Salute in 2016. These are painted to “Upper wargames standard,” a style that Tony has perfected. I based the figures to match my collection. They were painted for a game.  I no longer need these units as they did not form part of the Prussian army that I am currently collecting. The intention was to add a third battalion once I had made the Lutzow riflemen but the moment passed!

Reserve price £350 per battalion.

Pricing breakdown guide – Metal £40. Painting £10 per fig. Basing £75 (basing and painting of bases took two days).