Landwehr Battalions


Code: ForSaleLandwehr

Landwehr battalions for sale.

These two Landwehr battalions were painted for me by Peter Royle. I was short of time and needed a Landwehr regiment for a game and Peter offered to paint them for me. Peter is one of the gentlemen of the hobby and was probably one of the most talented painters around at the time.  I asked him to paint the figures to a good wargames standard and he excelled at this. These figures are certainly “Upper wargames standard,” as you can see from the photos. Peter painted and based the figures. As I said in my selling guide, there is a skill in painting figures to this standard and Peter had the knack. I had to think long and hard before parting with these figures but I now have more landwehr units than I need. I have not seen Peter for some time so I do not know if he is still painting, but these are certainly a testament to his skill.

Reserve price £350 per battalion.

Price breakdown guide. – Metal £40. Painting at least £10 per fig. Basing £50.