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It's been a while

It's been a while

I am not sure how long it is going to take Chris, my website designer, to update the site so, if you are reading this before Christmas, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming New Year. If you are reading this after the celebrations, I hope you had a good Christmas and that the New Year will be a good one for you.

You may have noticed a marked lack of movement on the Calpe website in 2016. Unfortunately, at the end of 2015 an existing medical problem took a turn for the worse and I decided that I had to have it sorted out. I will not bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that 2016 was taken up by medical consultations, tests, biopsies and an operation in September. This was followed by a month’s recovery, during which I was unable to work.  I have had to slowly build up my stamina and I am now doing full days again - but it was exhausting for a while.

If you had to wait for an order please accept my apology.

Despite the medical procedures, I continued to work throughout the year. Figures carried on being produced but I must admit to having held them back. I could not handle the increased workload that comes with a new release, given the uncertainty.  I am hoping for a better 2017!

Now lets move on to figures. As the new additions appear on the website you will see that many of them are Saxon codes. Towards the end of the year, I decided to push on with the Saxons. I am keen to get them finished so that I can move on to something else. Over the next year the Saxons will be the main thrust of my work with occasional new additions to the French line (advancing French infantry in greatcoats will be next).

You will see from the new additions that the Saxon Grenadiers have been completed and that three sets of command figures have been added for the Saxon high command. I am currently working on the re-sculpted Saxon musketeers in march-attack poses to replace the figures that were damaged when my mould-making machine failed some years ago. I have explained in the past that I cannot re-make the production moulds for the existing Saxons in march-attack poses (SM codes found in the Veterans section of the website) due to the damage caused to the master mould. I have had to accept that remaking the figures was the easier option. Once the march-attack musketeers are complete I plan to add some skirmishing musketeers. The Saxons trained their third rank as skirmishers. Some Saxon divisions had no light infantry component, so you will need the skirmishing musketeers to provide a skirmish screen. Saxon light infantry in advancing, march-attack and skirmish poses will follow. I have decided to deal with the artillery and cavalry once I am happy with the infantry.

I will retire the SM veteran codes once the new march-attack figures are released. These moulds are still in very good condition and I have no intention of using them again, so if anyone out there is interested in buying them they will be up for sale.

I am also announcing a price increase of 5pence per figure, 10pence per horse and 50pence per cannon, effective as from the 1st of January. I have held my prices for two years now. I was able to do this as the price of tin fell in 2014 and I was able to absorb the price rises in just about everything else, particularly electricity. In the last year, tin prices have risen sharply again and my profit margins have plummeted. In January I will be ordering my first consignment of metal of 2017 and I am expecting it to be eye-wateringly expensive!

 I will write a news update for the website in the New Year once the new codes have been added to it.

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