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Christmas Wishes and New Releases

Christmas Wishes and New Releases

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you once again for your custom over the past year and for your continuing support.

You will see that I have updated the website with new releases. This release of figures is really two releases in one as a projected release date in September came and went with no figures released due to family life and pressure of work. Some of the more determined of you may already have some of the new packs, as they have been available since September but I’m sure that there will be something new for most of you.

The new command packs for the march-attack French are based on the Dresden Manuscript. These are drawings by an eye witness of the garrison in Dresden in 1813. Yves Martin kindly sent me scans of the manuscript last year. Little details such as the drum slings (the straps that hang beneath the drum) and the Sapper’s covered bearskin with hairy tufts sticking out of the bottom, are all taken from this source.

You will notice that the battalion command packs have no photos attached to them at present. The reason for this is that I forgot the finial (the spearpoint that tops the flagpole) and did not spot it until I got to the point of undercoating the battalion command packs for the photos. The figures themselves are complete but I have had to make the finials and this will delay the release of these packs for a couple of weeks. There will be two types of finials available, the pre 1812 finial, which looked like a fat bellied spearpoint; and the post 1812 finial which was a three pointed spearpoint. In 1813 the former was predominant as most regiment did not bother to change them. During the 'Hundred Days,’ however, it was the three pointed finial that was used by most regiments. The French Light infantry mounted officers in shakos pack is also complete but the production moulds for these remain to be made.

There are several new Saxon packs as well awaiting production moulds. As a result of this I plan to have a follow-up release in a few weeks with the packs I have just mentioned. These releases more or less complete the French march-attack set. I plan to add a few more packs - principally the casualty packs, both standing and prone - but also some mounted officers in bicorns, as well as a second headquarters pack, also in bicorns. I will then sculpt some packs of light infantry command elements so that this set of figures can be used to represent light infantry regiments.

Work on the Saxons will also continue as I am keen to paint some battalions for my own collection. My plan is to finish the Saxon advancing set early next year so that I can then concentrate on the gunners for both the French and the Saxon artillery.



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3 Comment(s)

7 years, 4 months ago.

stewart schmidt's reply...

hi peter will at some piont will you be doing saxon cavalry.


stewart smidt

7 years, 4 months ago.

Peter Fitzgerald's reply...

Sorry for the delayed reply Stewart. My plans are to cover the Saxon light cavalry first. This will basically be the Ulhans and Hussars. The heavy cavalry rarely fought with the rest of the Saxon troops so it is all down to which battle scenario you are interested in. At present my focus is on the German campaign in 1813.

7 years, 2 months ago.

mark davie's reply...

hi peter
do you have axrealise date yet for the french march attack battalion command figures yet.
many thanks

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